Sexy Ken Bone Costume Sells Out; Legend of #TheBoneZone Continues

Kenneth Bone: Man. Myth. Rocker of boss-ass red sweaters.

If you somehow haven’t heard about Ken Bone by now, then you have our condolences.

Fortunately, it’s not too late to get brought up to speed on the most important political figure of the 21st century.

We understand that sounds like an exaggeration, but if anything, we should expand it to include the 20th century.

Hell, we’ll throw the last couple decades of theĀ 19th in there while we’re at it. Suck it, Grover Cleveland!

Anyway, in case you missed the second presidential debate on Sunday night, Donald Trump didn’t win.

But neither did Hillary Clinton.

So who emerged victorious?

You guessed it – the big homey Kenneth Bone won the debate by an overwhelming margin.

(They decide these things by who inspired the most memes, right?)

While Trump and Clinton fought for your vote for 90 minutes, Mr. Bone stole the nation’s heart with just 30 seconds of screen time:

Kenneth Bone Asks Presidental Debate Question