Kate Gosselin: Jon Will Steal My Daughter and Do Bad Things!

Jon Gosselin has been “inappropriate behavior” with one of his daughters.

Kate Gosselin, who made these claims, isn’t taking them lying down, either. If anything, she’s doubling down on her allegations.

According to a new report obtained by Radar Online, Kate had Jon followed during an investigation into the claims regarding their daughter. 

In the police report, Kate was said to be so worried that Jon would stalk their daughter and take off, she took matters into her own hands. 

The report reads:

“Katie said that she hired a private detective to follow Jonathan and she was aware that Jonathan was at [the children’s school] right now.”

“[She] believed that Jonathan was guarding [Hannah] and feared that if he saw her or the police, he would take [her] out of school and flee.” 

The officers reported that the infamous momager of eight showed up at the school, though Jon was nowhere to be found at the time.

She proceeded to excuse her child from class regardless, out of fear that her estranged former spouse would, indeed, show up. 

As previously reported, Kate recently accused Jon of being a drug dealer, as well as engaging in inappropriate behavior with their daughter, Hannah. 

About his “business,” Kate reportedly said, “Jon is a drug dealer who uses his disc jockey employment as a front to sell narcotics.” 

She also alleged that he took their daughter out of school without prior notice, and that she is concerned that there is “suspicious behavior.”

Though the report surfaced recently, and it’s unclear what she says happened between Jon and Hannah, the incidents purportedly occurred in 2015.  

Jon, however, was so moved by the accusations that he’s defending himself now … over a year later. 

“Jon had no idea at the time that [Kate] accused him of having an inappropriate relationship with Hannah,” a “friend” revealed. 

“He was upset when he found out.” 

“That’s just gross to suggest,” the friend continued. 

“It sounds like Kate’s making up stories again.”  

The thing is, though, why Kate would make up stories about Jon to begin with and go to such lengths if she weren’t genuinely worried.

He’s so far removed from her life, and from the lives of their children, that it’d almost be a moot point … or so you would think.

Kate Gosselin is a total jackass, but Jon Gosselin is not exactly a prize. In fact he’s the douchiest douche who ever douched. 

We’re not saying that we believe Kate’s purported allegations in this situation, but damn. If there were ever a couple of losers.

Unless she’s trying to kick a man when he’s down, Jon Gosselin needs some serious freaking help, and she’s not offering it.

Just saying.