Taylor Swift Returns to the Stage, Performs Calvin Harris Song

Taylor Swift is finally back on stage and singing her heart out. 

That’s right, America’s sweetheart is back, but is she still in good graces with most of her fans?

I mean, it was not that long ago there was the whole “Taylor Swift is over party.”

That party came on the heels of Taylor pretty much being revealed as a liar. 

How so?

Remember that time she was going on about not giving Kanye West permission to use her in his song, “Famous?” Yeah, well Kim decided that playing nice was a foreign concept and took to Snapchat to lift the lid on what went down. 

To be fair, the Kardashians have no compunction with lifting the lid about things if it gets their name in the media.

That’s sort of how reality TV stars work. 

With Kim revealing that Taylor did know about Kanye’s lyrics, and the fact that Taylor’s love life was embroiled in a lot of controversy due to just how fast she moved on from Calvin Harris, Taylor kind of took a step back from the public. 

There was controversy surrounding Taylor pretty much everywhere for a while. 

It was needed. There was no way she would be able to come back from that huge downfall while still in the public eye.

Add in the fact that her relationship with Tom Hiddleston was in tatters, there was a lot of change for Taylor. 

Now, it appears that she’s well and truly back to her former self and we’re kind of excited for what the future holds for her. 

Taylor revealed the news that she would be returning to the stage in a sweet video that proved she was as resilient as ever. 

Have a look for yourself:

Taylor Swift Comeback Concert Announcement